The Holocaust

Why did Hitler started to kill?

Hitler wanted a new Germany empire. That's why Hitler and the Nazi started to kill all the Jews and other race
  • The Jews had previously been subject to all kinds of earlier "religious" prejudices. From the 1870s onwards a new, racial antisemitism was added to this.
  • There was widespread demonetization of the Jews.
  • According to the first part of Ian Kershaw's biography Hitler, 1889-1939 Hubris, Penguin Books 1998 Hitler was a "lazy leader" who did not like to bother himself much with formulating day-to-day policy ... As a result, his subordinates at various levels tried to guess what he wanted. This encouraged rapidly growing extremism. The terror apparatus, headed by Himmler and Heydrich, became a very powerful lobby.
  • There were all kinds of fanciful conspiracy theories about the Jews as the 'biological root' of Communism. The Nazis kept on saying, without any evidence, that 'the Jews' were enemies of Germany and so on. In fact, most German Jews were very pro-German indeed and had fought well for Germany in World War 1. Many were tragically in love with Germany, and some were reluctant to leave the country even if they were able to do so. However, fear of Communism was a powerful force in many parts of Central and Southern Europe in the interwar period, and was ruthlessly exploited by many politicians.
  • The Holocaust happened because Hitler wanted to purify Germany so to speak...He wanted the Aryan Race, of which couldn't be obtained unless all Jews were gone (along with homosexuals, Gypsies, Russians...etc.) Extermination camps were a ploy for Jews...Hitler actually told them that he was just getting them out of the country and "resettling" them in Eastern Europe but ended up killing them there...
  • One motive may have been robbery - it has been estimated that the Holocaust (including confiscated property and slave lab our) profited the Nazis by a sum that would today be in the tens of billions of dollars. {However, according to Raul Hilberg, the value of Jewish slave lab-our for the Nazis was even greater].
  • Nazi conquests, especially in Eastern and Eastern Central Europe (Poland and the Soviet Union) resulted in large additional numbers of Jews coming under Nazi control, thus exacerbating the Nazis' self-imposed "Jewish problem".
After World War 1, Hitler became convinced he was destined to save Germany. Jews were particularly targeted and Hitler also made himself head of the army. And yet, he did the war because he disliked Jews and wanted to destroy their lives. Hitler was able to annex Austria in 1938 without a single battle. But when he had his forces enter Poland in August 1939, the world could no longer stand aside and just watch -- World War II began.

Hitler started the Holocaust as a way of targeting minorities that he was prejudiced against. Many believe that the Jews were the only group that were targeted. Not so, he was only starting with them. He hated them and was very prejudiced as you know. He wanted to demoralize them and exterminate them. The concentration camps were the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question". However, Gypsies, blacks, anyone (even Germans and Austrians) that had mental illnesses or deformaties were targeted. Had he won, he would not have stopped with the Jewish people. He would have continued until the population of the world was either eliminated or "pure Aryan" So they could take their money and valuables to pay for their war. They were attempting to take over Europe. Many of the Aryans of Germany and Austria believed that they would be able to manage Europe far better than the mixed races that were running Europe at the time.

By selecting a class of people who were somewhat isolated from normal society, the Aryans were able to provide an excuse for destroying people who were "different" and at the same time create a common prejudice that has continued among the intellectually challenged to this day. Although many today claim to be "Aryan", or "Neo-Nazi", they usually have no idea of what it's about. Most who subscribe to that form of racism are either quite intellectually inferior or are borderline sociopaths.

It's a little remembered fact that "NHe killed them because he actually started to believe his own propaganda.

Consider: The Jews, ( and others ), were his scapegoats in his writings and speeches... evil, bad, guilty of every crime in the book, whatever....and saying this bullsh*t helped to get him into power.

Now - once he had the power - what else could he do? Should he forget his earlier inflammatory bullshit and possibly loose his posse of sycophants and toadies, ( as well as some of those idiotic German voters who supported and elected him,), or should he actually carry out his twisted genocidal plans for real?

A slightly better - less twisted soul would have quietly shelved and put aside any plans for mass genocide - and perhaps he and the German people would enjoy a higher regard today - but old Adolph actually grew to believe the poison he had been peddling for years - and in doing so he damned his soul and those of many other people to the blackest part of hell imaginable - as well as forever tarnishing the reputation of the German nation and it's people.

He simply began to believe his own bullsh*t - even when he was in a position to know better he still believed it...and that is why so many innocent people needlessly died in Hitlers war of conquest. He went stark raving mad and actually bought into the snake oil he had been sellling.The Witnesses were (and are) neutral in matters of war. They do not believe in war, nor will they participate in any such conflicts. Hitler did not like pacifists or conscientious objectors, and when the Witnesses refused to become Nazis or fight for the Fuehrer, they were imprisoned. Many died in the concentration camps. He also didn't like them because they would not salute.

Also, he was mad that he couldn't get some of the people to sign a paper to renounce their faith and serve him. I know this because I'm a Jehovah Witness and proud to be one. They were also the only group of people that could walk out of the prison camps by simply signing a document that said they would renounce their faith. Most never gave it another thought, they would rather die in the camp than turn their backs on their faith. Their show of unity even managed to impress the hardest of prison camp leaders.

The Watchtower 1st July 1953 explains
: 'The facts are incontrovertibly established as to his [Hitler's] hatred for the chosen people of God in these times, Jehovah's witnesses. And because the fleshly Jews were once themselves at one time God's chosen people they have always been the targets of attack by Satan and his dupes.' JW's believe that Hitler was under the direct control of Satan who used him to attack God's chosen people.
he hated us he wanted to end our religion it was actualy the devil who was using hitler to try to destroy our organization. God was with us and thats why he didnt make it. Hitler was an anti-christ that is why he wanted to destroy god's people also. (AKA the Jews).blacks were to targeted, however hitler did not kill anyone himself, the purification and the final solution was the doing of Heinrich Himmler.